What is Hospital One?

What is Hospital One?

Healthcare Information System (HIS) with SAP.

Worldwide leader on finance and ERP technology Hospital One is a platform that unifies a Healthcare Information System (HIS) with SAP, worldwide leader on finance and ERP technology, business  operation control and business intelligence.

360 degrees hospital core Process process SAP integrated Healthcare Information System.

Hospital One is a single solution that fuses hospital general service units operations management (admissions, internal and external pharmacy, nurses stations, clinic laboratory, XRAY, hospital kitchen, coffee shop, etc.), out patient appointments and resources consumed, electronic medical record (EMR) with SAP; the most reliable auditable back office on the market. SAP provides real time accounting, finance, cost accounting, purchasing, sales, inventory, production, CRM, services management, special business rules, Business Intelligence, among many other things.

Break boundaries


  • Hospital One can customize its default configuration to met your organization currents needs, but also can be extended to met any other requirement.


  • Designed to work as centralized or distributed computer system with very low requirements.


  • Unify medical, financial and special process over a single Dexterity-SAP platform.


  • Integrate all hospital departments and evaluate its expenses versus results. Hospital One can generate statistics of the persons that were treated by business unit.

Hospital One is built over a business process platform technology with prefixed scenarios that can be customized or extended with we new specialized workflows in order to match any healthcare organization type.