Technology and Components

Technology and Components

Get the most from SAP technology.


  • Hospital One works with HANA, the SAP breakthrough in memory data technology, ideal to work in Big Data scenarios.

SAP Business Intelligence Solutions

  • Hospital One can be integrated with the market leading Business Intelligence SAP solutions, like Business Objects, Crystal Reports and SAP Lumira.


  • Hospital One is a platform that can be set to meet local medical standards and guidelines. All specific data types can be added in its metadata module and workflows can be customized to fulfill organization specific requirements.

Core components


  • Handle patient admission from his first Hospital contact, either from the outpatient/ambulatory clinic unit, emergency room or programed intervention from any network Hospital.


  • Admission handles all the legal and medical requirements, loads patient basic data, it generates all the documentation that the patient have to sign, like medical procedures approvals, assign the available room, establish the insurance companies involved in patient incident.

Services Units

  • Handle request from any authorized practitioner to any service unit, even if the unit is operated by and external service provider. Track all the services and resources needed to assist patients and outpatients.

House keeping and maintenance

  • Monitor all the rooms to be cleaned or with a hardware issue.


  • Multi Localization, Hospital One adopts the current windows server global region settings and the Business One localization culture and currency settings. Multi Language. All text labels and warnings are defined on a text language resource and a metadata engine that can be edited by the user. In one installation can coexist users with several different languages.

Medical Standards


  • Hospital One is built to enforce international medical standards like International Classification of Diseases (ICD) and Joint Commission International (JCI) best practices.

Insurance policy management

  • All insurance policies rules can be preloaded in order to streamline prices to patient invoicing. Multiple insurance policies may apply for a single admission event.

SAP invoicing

  • All sales order, delivery notes or invoices can be created automatically on SAP Business One, reducing dramatically data manual manipulation mistakes.

Service packages

  • With SAP and Hospital One any service package structure can de defined.

Complex billing rules

  • Any complex billing rule can be defined in Hospital One, thanks to its strong mathematical foundation. Seasonal packages, special rules for combining packages, sequence variation business rules, are no operation obstacle with Hospital One.

Preliminary Invoice

  • Hospital One gives to the hospital user, total flexibility to generate preliminary statements before placing the SAP delivery note or invoice. If a data input mistake is found then the hospital staff can make the corrections and generate a new accurate statement.