Rise the bar on exception management.

Hospital One extends SAP Business One logic with healthcare and clinic custom-made exception management business rules that triggers alarms on monitors, emails and web approvals when variations are detected.

Community social programs

Thanks to Hospital One extensible technology, new optional workflows like social programs projects management can be added. This workflows can be used to monitor either patients or other type of clients (patient usually implies that person is ill, while social programs can be  preventive, educative, etc.). Hospital One can track people entitled or enrolled on a specific program like family planning, preventive medicine, research, or any other type of social program.

Hospital One ready to work with any SAP product.

Hospital One was designed since its origin to work with any SAP ERP Product from SAP Business One to SAP Business Suite.

From small single isolated clinics to  large Hospital Networks.

No matter your organization’s size, SAP and Dexterity have the healthcare system solution. Hospital One and SAP can handle from small 20 bed clinics to large over 200-bed hospitals than can be part of hospital network.